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The working stage of plunger pump

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Work, in the fuel injection pump camshaft cam and plunger spring, forcing the plunger for the upper and lower reciprocating movement, thus completing the pump oil task, pump oil process can be divided into the following three stages. 

Conclusion: Through the above discussion, we can conclude that the total stroke of the reciprocating motion of ① Plunger is invariable, which is determined by the cam lift. The amount of oil supplied for each cycle of the ② plunger depends on the oil supply stroke, and the oil supply stroke is variable without camshaft control. The start time of ③ oil supply is not changed with the change of oil supply stroke. The ④ rotating plunger can change the fuel supply by changing the time of oil supplying. 3. Domestic series plunger pump domestic series piston pumps are mainly a, B, P, Z and Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ series. The serialization is according to the diesel engine single cylinder power range to the fuel supply quantity request different, based on the plunger stroke, the center distance of the pump cylinder and the structure type, the plunger diameters of different sizes are respectively matched, and several kinds of fuel injection pumps are formed in a working cycle to meet the needs of various diesel engines. The working principle and structure type of domestic series fuel injection pump are basically the same, the structure and working principle of plunger type fuel injection pump are introduced with a pump as an example.

The plunger pump is composed of four parts: the pump, the oil regulating mechanism, the transmission mechanism and the pump body. For microprocessor intelligent control, LCD display, can communicate with the computer, with work pressure stability, small pulsation, easy to operate and so on. Widely used in biochemistry, medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries, to meet the above needs of continuous constant pressure, constant flow of liquid transport requirements.

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