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The structure form of plunger pump

- Jul 13, 2018 -

The plunger pump is divided into two representative structural forms of axial piston pump and radial plunger pump; As the radial plunger pump is a new type of high efficiency pump with high technical content, the radial plunger pump will become an important part of the plunger pump application field with the rapid development of domestic. The radial plunger pump is a plunger pump which is the reciprocating direction of the piston or plunger and is perpendicular to the driving shaft. Radial Plunger Pump working principle: driving torque by the driving shaft through the cross coupling to the star-shaped hydraulic cylinder rotor, the stator is not subjected to other lateral forces. The rotor is mounted on the distribution shaft. The radial-arranged plunger in the rotor is pressed against the eccentric stroke stator by a hydrostatic balance slipper. The plunger is connected with the Slipper ball hinge and is locked through the latch spring. Two retaining rings will be stuck on the stroke stator. When the pump rotates, it relies on centrifugal force and hydraulic pressure on the internal surface. When the rotor rotates, due to the eccentric effect, the plunger will be reciprocating movement, its stroke is set at twice times the eccentric distance. The eccentric distance of the stator can be adjusted by two plunger of the radial position on the pump body. The oil is in and out through the pump body and the flow channel on the distribution shaft, and is controlled by the suction port on the distribution shaft, the hydraulic force produced by the pump body is absorbed by the static pressure balance surface. The static pressure balance of the friction pair adopts the compensation method of over balance pressure, and the Open-loop control is formed. Bearings supporting the drive shaft are only supported and are not affected by other external forces. Hydraulic system: The axial plunger pump is used to work with the volume change of the plunger in the plunger hole which is parallel to the drive shaft. Because plunger pump plunger and column female are round parts, processing can achieve a very high precision matching;

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