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Mechanical principle of plunger pump

- Jul 13, 2018 -


PLUNGER Pump plunger Reciprocating movement of the total travel L is constant, by the cam lift. The amount of oil supplied for each cycle of plunger depends on the oil supply stroke, and the oil supply stroke is variable without camshaft control. The oil supply start time does not change with the change of the oil supply stroke. The rotating plunger can change the oil supply to the end of the time, thereby changing the fuel supply.

Plunger pump work, in the fuel injection pump camshaft cam and plunger spring, forcing the plunger for the upper and lower reciprocating movement, thus completing the pump oil task, pump oil process can be divided into the following two stages.

Oil intake Process

When the convex part of the cam turns over, under the action of the spring force, the plunger moves downward, the plunger space (called the Pump Room) produces the vacuum degree, when the upper side of the plunger is opened on the plunger sleeve, the diesel oil is filled into the pump chamber through the oil hole, the plunger movement to the bottom stop, and the oil return process. Plunger upward oil supply, when the upward to the plunger of the chute and the sleeve of the return to the oil hole connected, pump room low-pressure oil circuit and plunger head of the middle hole and radial hole and chute communication, oil pressure drops suddenly, the valve in the spring force in the role of rapid closure, stop oil supply. After that, the plunger has to go up, when the convex part of the cam turned over, under the action of the spring, plunger and downward. The next loop begins. Plunger pump with a plunger for the principle of introduction, a plunger pump with two one-way valves, and in the opposite direction, the plunger in a direction of movement when the cylinder appears negative pressure, when a one-way valve open the liquid is sucked into the cylinder, the plunger to another direction of movement, the liquid compressed after another one-way valve is opened, the suction cylinder in the liquid is discharged. This way of working continuously after the movement of the formation of continuous oil supply.

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