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Mechanical use of plunger pumps

- Jul 13, 2018 -

Plunger pump cylinder body inlaid with copper sleeve, can be replaced by the method of copper sleeve installation.

First, the outside diameter of a group of plunger rod is trimmed to a uniform size, and then the outer diameter is polished with 1000#. 

The cylinder body installs the copper sleeve three kinds of methods: 

(a) the cylinder body adds the warm-fitting or the copper set low-temperature freezing extrusion, interference assembly, 

(b) the adoption of a Thai rubber adhesive assembly, this method requires a copper jacket outside the surface of the outer diameter groove; 

(c) hole tapping, copper sleeve diameter machining thread, Chile glue, screw into assembly.

The cylinder body and the copper sleeve of the fused-burning method are installed as follows:

(a) The use of abrasive rods, manual or mechanical means of grinding repair cylinder holes, 

(b) the use of coordinate boring machine, re boring cylinder body hole, 

(c) The use of reamer to repair the cylinder body hole.  using "surface engineering technology", the method is as follows: 

(a) electroplating technology: A layer of hard chromium plating on the plunger surface; 

(b) Brush plating technology: Brush-plated abrasion resistant material on plunger surface; 

(c) Thermal spraying or arc spraying or electro-spraying: spraying high carbon martensitic wear-resistant materials 

(d) Laser cladding: A high hardness wear-resistant alloy powder is deposited on the plunger surface. (4) Cylinder body hole without copper sleeve of the cylinder material is ductile iron, in the cylinder wall on the preparation of amorphous films or coatings. Because the wall of the cylinder bore this special material, it can form a hard-hard pair of friction pairs.

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