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The Installation And Flow Of The Reciprocating Pump

- Jul 13, 2018 -

The reciprocating pump starts without pouring liquid, because the reciprocating pump has self-priming ability, but its Suction on the vacuum height also with the pump installation area of atmospheric pressure, liquid properties and temperature changes, so the reciprocating pump installation height also has a certain limit. The flow of the reciprocating pump can not be adjusted by the valve on the discharge pipe, but should adopt the bypass tube or change the reciprocating times of the piston, change the piston stroke to realize. The valve in the discharge pipe must be opened before the reciprocating pump is started. The piston of the reciprocating pump is connected with the original motive by the connecting rod crankshaft. The original motive may use the electric machine, but also uses the steam engine. Reciprocating pump for high-pressure head, small flow, high viscosity liquid transport, but not suitable for conveying corrosive liquids. Sometimes directly driven by the steam engine, conveying flammable, explosive liquid.

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